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Faith Based

Faith-based organizations have been pillars in our communities for generations, supporting families during paramount times in their growth and development. Koinonia Leadership Academy partners with faith-based organizations and their ministry leadership teams to maximize their capacity for delivering quality services. We provide ministry leaders relationship and leadership development tools as well as continuous improvement strategies for team and organizational effectiveness. 


Koinonia Leadership Academy is committed to partnering with educational systems to support children, families and educators develop strengths-based relationships for academic and social success. The traditional zero-tolerance philosophy has proven to be detrimental to our children and society as a whole. The zero-tolerance approach to education is inequitable and further marginalizes students of color within the education system. We partner with academia and restorative practices practitioners to support schools in their transition away from traditional punitive discipline practices. We provide technical assistance for school based restorative practices through consulting, coaching, training and implementation.


Non-profit organizations have an opportunity to connect with family systems in their diverse and unique existence. Often non-profits have limited staff to meet the needs of families. Koinonia Leadership Academy is committed to partnering with non-profit organizations to provide strategies for capacity building, increased work performance, leadership and relationship development for team and organizational effectiveness.  

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